Information on freight quotes, making freight payments, helpful preparation and unloading tips for furniture shipments, and how to work with your freight carrier.


Most requests for freight quotes will be responded to within 24 hours. To provide the cost of freight we need to know the Part number, the desired quantity, the "ship to address" Zip code, your name, and telephone # or E-Mail address. Then you may enter your order with a credit card, either "On Line" or by "Phone".


All products on AVI Maxim are sold FOB. Once you place your order, a representative will contact you directly to provide you with a freight quote. Once you accept this quote, it will be added to your order. If this quote exceeds your limit, you may cancel your order and all funds will be refunded to you.


When your order is placed we will gladly ship your order with the carrier of your choice. If you do not specify a carrier we will choose a carrier based on lowest price. Any transit time provided to you at the time of order placement is an estimate provided to us by the carrier and we bear no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. Please be advised that when your items are loaded on the carrier’s truck they are in perfect condition and packaged in a manner to protect the product from damage during transit to your location. Once the truck leaves our dock we are no longer responsible for the care, the handling and the delivery of your product. At the time your order is picked up by the carrier, a tracking # is assigned. We in turn email you another copy of your Paid Invoice advising you of the carrier name, contact phone #, and tracking #. It is your responsibility to contact the carrier and provide them with the necessary information to track your order. You should also set up an amenable window of time for delivery, bearing in mind that the driver is only responsible for bringing your items to the rear of the truck and that you need the necessary manpower there to off load your order.


Unless otherwise specified, when the truck arrives at your establishment, it is your responsibility to unload the merchandise from the rear of the truck. The driver is only responsible to move the product to the rear of truck (LTL Shipments Only/Not Applicable For Truckload Shipments) - then you must get it off the truck. If you require a lift-gate and/or inside delivery- you must make that request when you place your order.

RECEIVING STACK CHAIRS (Palletized, Stacked and wrapped)

Again, it is your responsibility to remove the items from the back of the truck to the ground. Never, and we mean never, turn a stack in a horizontal position and with a person at each end attempt to lift and move the stack. This will certainly damage the chairs near the center of the stack and possibly others. Also, a stack of chairs, either shrink wrapped or boxed should never, again we mean never, be dropped from the back of the truck to the ground- this will bend the legs. Damage resulting from incorrect lifting of stacks (bent frames and loosened backs), and dropping a stack of boxed or unboxed chairs from the back of the truck (bent legs), is easily identifiable. The damage is considered abuse and not covered by our warranty.


When your products were placed on the truck they were free from defects of any manner. When you receive these items, please inspect them carefully for damage incurred during transport. If a box is ripped, torn, or dented this could indicate potential damage to the contents- immediately open carton at the suspected point and inspect for damage.


Leave carton "as is" with packing material intact. You must specify damage on Bill of Lading and have driver co-sign, acknowledging the damage.You must accept the damaged product- Do not refuse it. Refusing a shipment will add to your replacement shipping cost. Notify us (AVI Maxim) IMMEDIATELY, forwarding a legible signed copy of the Bill of Lading, pictures of damage, and a detailed written description of damage so we can process your replacement and rectify damage claim with the carrier. Without this information within 48 hours, we cannot process your claim.

At our discretion we reserve the right to refund the full price of the item in lieu of sending a replacement.
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